Technological Advances in Magnetic Engineering

As an engineering company specializing in the application of magnetic technology, we possess exceptional engineering design capabilities and are committed to providing efficient, reliable, precise and customized engineering design services for permanent magnet products and components.

Our team of engineers brings extensive experience and professional skills to the table, using advanced design software to deeply understand customer requirements. Taking into account the specific characteristics of various industry applications and leveraging our expertise in magnetic engineering, we provide efficient and reliable solutions.

If you need customized permanent magnet and assemblies, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Setting Design Objectives

Before starting product design and optimization, it is crucial to establish clear design goals. These objectives may include desired parameters such as magnetic force, torque, magnetic field strength, and more. Defining these objectives guides subsequent design and optimization processes.

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Material Selection

Common permanent magnet materials include sintered NdFeB magnets, sintered SmCo magnets, sintered/cast AlNiCo magnets, sintered ferrite magnets, bonded and injection magnets. Each material has distinct magnetic properties and costs, necessitating selection based on design requirements and practical applications.

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Mechanical Engineering

When designing products, the overall mechanical structure must be considered, including factors such as magnet shape, size, and material. These design elements directly affect the overall performance of the product.


Magnetic Engineering

Using electromagnetic simulation software, we model and analyze products to better understand magnetic field strength, magnetic field distribution, and other magnetic parameters. This enables rapid optimization iterations aligned with design goals, leading to optimal solutions.


Measurement & Analysis

Using instruments and engineering expertise, we evaluate material processing techniques, magnetic field characteristics, temperature resistance, and cost. We conduct comprehensive analysis and testing of products to understand and master their magnetic field distribution, magnetic flux, high temperature behavior, and corrosion resistance, ensuring a thorough grasp of product performance.