Magnetic Engineering

Technological Advances in Magnetic Engineering

As an engineering and technology company focused on magnetic applications, we have extensive knowledge of magnetism and practical engineering experience. Our commitment is to provide high quality magnetic field design services for rare earth permanent magnets and assemblies.

Our team of magnetic application engineers brings rich industry experience and expertise, enabling us to deeply understand the magnetic field design requirements of your products. Our magnetic field design services include magnetic circuit evaluation, magnetic circuit design, selection of magnetic materials, magnetic field simulation, magnetic field testing, and optimization. 

With advanced simulation software, we accurately model product magnetic fields, predict and analyze various magnetic field parameters and effects, optimize permanent magnetic materials and magnetic circuit structures, identify potential problems, and provide suggestions for improvement. This allows for rapid iterations in product development design, reducing costs and time.

In addition, we have high-precision magnetic field testing equipment to accurately analyze the distribution of magnetic fields in your products. Based on the results of magnetic field analysis, we further improve and optimize the magnetic circuit design.

For customized magnetic field design services for your permanent magnets and assemblies, please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive solutions.

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