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How do you manage to adapt your products to the real needs of the customers? The answer is Simulation. It makes us different from the rest. This technique is a particularly confidence-building benefit for manufacturers in sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Windpower, etc.

Many companies contact our commercial department with a problem, or to incorporate a magnet in their new product or system, without knowing what they need.  AIC always strives to react to customer requirements and one method we can offer is computer simulation of magnetic characteristics, used as a process prior to the manufacture of the magnet. This helps the customer in meeting their needs, with the computerized creation of the product and the visualization of the magnet before producing it.

In our engineering department, the requirements that the magnet must have for the customer, are analyzed. Subsequently, it is designed taking into account the characteristics of each product, using latest-generation computer programs and magnetic simulators, where you can see the magnet before making it. Software used for the simulations, are pioneer programs that can improve the final product and help resolve the needs of the customer. For this very reason, AIC has made significant investments in specialized and professional programs.

In magnetic simulations, the type of material, shape and specific geometry that will be used according to the customer’s requirements and the manufacturing process that the magnetic product will follow, is decided.

AIC looks for the best solutions to cover the needs of its clients and the best way to do it is through a magnetic simulation at the right time. The technological equipment AIC possesses at its facilities, provides the necessary resources for any situation and industrial sector.

For any questions about our magnetic simulations, or more information and professional advice required for future projects, you can contact us.